Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Ok, I'm done. I'm through being depressed. Things aren't any better, but I'm fine with that again. I'll just push my feelings back down inside myself where they usually are, and ignore them again. Sorry about the last week or so. The long depressing rants are over.

I was just going through my writings files on my computer, and found something I had forgotten about. It's just something I wrote one day. It's weird because I'm not a religious person, at least not Christian anyway, but I occasionally write Christian things. Sort of "writings in the Christian mythos." Anyway, I wrote this, it's nothing much, I didn't think it was that good, but several people told me they really liked it. One person told me "To me it's very comforting, and gives me hope. it makes me feel like maybe God really is only asleep, and one day he'll wake up and make everything right." Whatever. I mainly just wrote it because I wanted to make God call people "bastards." Anyway, here it is:

God was tired, and decided to go to sleep. “Not for very long,” He said to Himself, “just a short nap.” But time for God is different than time for us, and one day to Him is as many thousands of years to us. So when He awoke, he found that things had changed. Dirty cities now exist where once were the beautiful lands He had created, and the people had changed too. In His absence the people had forgotten Him, and had an attitude toward him sort of like a story one tells to children to make them go to bed, or eat their peas. “You better behave, or God will get you.”

God looked down and saw his people fighting with each other, killing each other for their shoes. He saw children killing other children. And He saw people stepping over other people, who lay in the streets, starving. He saw people killing each other in His name. He saw His holy land stained with blood.

God saw all this, and in His sorrow he said, “What bastards my children have become, for they have forgotten their Father.”