Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

My sister is a pretty good writer. Especially considering she's only 12. I'm jealous of her writing ability sometimes. It does need some work, but just mainly in the spelling and grammar area. Here's a poem she wrote a while back, I think it's amazing. I wish I could write a poem like this. I cleaned it up a little, the spelling and stuff.

She wanted to go so far away,
Away from her parents protection.
So far away to a foreign land,
But knew not which direction.
She wished with all her heart and soul,
That she would sprout wings,
So she could fly away from all the worrying protective things.
If she could sprout those faithful wings,
She would flyaway,
And stay in that foreign land,
For at least one special day.
She might return home,
If she ever felt alone,
but that thought was very doubtful.
She still thought about that land so far away,
She thought about it every day,
Till one day she was gone.
The only ones that stood witness, were the trees that never told,
No one else ever knew how she disappeared into the night so cold.

Here's a story she wrote today at school for an assignment. It's not great, but it's pretty cool.

"Ruuuuun! He's coming!" Screamed one of the townsmen, as a woman and two small children, with tears of terror streaming down their faces, ran past.
"Fiona!...Fiona! Come on...we've got to get out of here before..."
"No," said Fiona, holding up her hand to silence him in mid sentence.
"I said no. Now, get out of here, save yourself. As for me, I have to protect the village." And with that she lifted her bow into the air, pulled back the string, and released the arrow. Launching it forward with the power of a mid-summer hurricane. The arrow flew forward and then, just as it was starting to lose speed, it pierced the demon's head. Everything was quiet. Fiona stood there for a moment, standing perfectly still, letting the wind blow her beautiful, radiant hair, as she waited to make sure the demon wasn't going to move. Then, slowly, she walked towards it. When she got there she stood looking down at the demon. He looked strangely peaceful laying there with his eyes closed, with his silvery-white hair sprawled out around his head on the ground, and with no sign of hate or anger on his face, but she knew that even after death the demon was still just as evil as it was before.

I think it's safe to say she's been watching way too much anime, especially Inuyasha. That's her second favorite show, I think the only show she likes better is Yu-Gi-Oh.

Time for bed! WHOOSH!