Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I ended up going to the bookstore, well, Borders, they have books, music, movies, etc... I bought a weird combination of items. I bought the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie soundtrack. It's pretty cool, it's even got dialogue from the movie leading up to the song. So it's got like most of the movie on it. On the bad side it's pretty bad sound quality, it sounds like someone made it in their basement with a tape recorder and a copy of the movie, and then did some quick editing. But it's by Rhino Records, so that shouldn't be the case. I also bought a book called, "Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God." It sounds like a very interesting book. The back reads

"With the same passionate scholarship and analytical audacity he brought to the character of God, Jack Miles now approaches the literary and theological enigma of Jesus. In so doing, he tells the story of a broken promise - God's ancient covenant with Isreal - and of its strange, unlooked-for fulfillment. For, having abandoned his chosen people to an impending holocaust at the hands of their Roman conquerors, God, in the person of Jesus, chooses to die with them, in what is effectively an act of divine suicide.

"On the basis of this shocking argument, Miles compels us to reassess Christ's entire life and teaching. His proclivity for the powerless and disgraced. His refusal to discriminate between friends and enemies. His transformation of defeat into a victory that redeems not just Isreal, but the entire world. Combining a close reading of the Gospels with a range of reference that includes Donne, Nietzsche, and Elie Weisel, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God is a work of magnificent eloquence and imagination."

I have a whole collection of books like this. Controversial religious writings, Dead Sea Scrolls, the "True Story" of Jesus, and stuff like that. I like to think of myself as a religious scholar. I read about all different religions, I only recently started studying Christianity, because Christianity is about the only religion I don't like. Actually I don't have anything against Christianity, just most Christians. But, let's save that rant for another time.