Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Here's a great site.

If I bought condoms, this is where I would buy them. QuikCondoms sells every brand of condom at discount prices. Up to 75% off store prices. And on top of that, you get free shipping! They even have a special 100 pack of assorted condoms, a condom sampler of all the different brands and styles, for only $29.99! That's only about 30 cents a condom. They also sell lubes, also at cheap prices. On top of cheap prices and free shipping you also get a free gift, often a small sample pack of an ounce or so of lube, with every order!

They are more than a store. They also have information. Safe sex tips, sex advice, sex humor, and sex related how-to's. (That's where I got the "strange sex laws" thing in my previous post.) They even have an online Kama Sutra.

So, ummm. If you buy condoms, you should go there.

This entire post was a commercial. They should pay me. Bitches.