Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Crystal got fired! And there was much rejoicing. Everyone seemed to be really happy about it, even Allen, the general manager. When she got fired he wrote on her row of the schedule "fired fired fired fired fired fired fired fired fired no longer works here." She called in saying she wasn't going to be there half an hour after she was already supposed to be there. One of the other Crystals walked out today too, so we now just have one Crystal. The bad thing is that the one that walked out today was one of our better day crew employees.

I'm kinda sore today, I actually exercised some last night and this morning. So I'm just a little sore. I felt good today because of it though. Because of the soreness the muscles were kinda tightened up today, so I felt, and I think looked, a tiny bit thinner. In spite of all the Chinese food I ate yesterday. I'm gonna do a little bit more exercise later, not much though, or I'll be really sore tomorrow. I also got some extra exercise at work by cleaning a few more things than I normally have to do, and I gave everything a really good scrubbing. I actually managed to work up a sweat scrubbing the bathroom floors. Yay, I sound like a loser!

Fuck you. Actually, no. I'm trying to work on my bad attitude a little too. The days of being evil may soon be over. Though I still have a really dark, morbid sense of humor, and will never change that. I actually managed to make it through the whole night at work without getting angry about anything, even the customers. At one point Alicia, who I see is online right now, kept insisting that I was in a bad mood about something, but I wasn't, I was just thinking. Usually I get pissed off at the customers just for being there, but I didn't tonight.