Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

About ten minutes ago I was standing in the kitchen, holding a banana like a gun, and saying, in a strange accent, "You will feel the wrath of my space banana." It was fun. There was no one else around, so there wasn't much point in it, but I did it anyway. I'm always doing things like that. Then I cut up the banana and made a peanut-butter and banana sandwich, one my favorites. So now I'm eating a lunch consisting of a peanut-butter and banana sandwich, and chili-cheese flavored fritos, and I'm writing about it. Isn't my life grand? I bet you wish you could be just like me. But you'll never be like me, you bitches! For I am the most powerful and important being in the universe. The fact that, while I am this important powerful being, I choose to squander it all away on such trivial pursuits as writing about sandwiches, just proves how far above you I really am. My ways are inscrutable to you.

...or something like that.