Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, November 08, 2002

(Okay, I wrote this late last night, but once again I was having connection problems and couldn't get it online until this morning.)

It's 2:20 as I start to write this, and I'm wide awake and hyper, and I have no idea why. I've been living off caffiene the last few days, but not today. Caffiene has almost no effect on me anyway. The last few nights at work I've been consuming large quantities of Dr Pepper, a large coffee or two, and three or four "Jolt" caffienated mints, and it doesn't do a thing to me hardly. But today I've hardly had any caffiene at all, and for some reason I am very hyper. I was talking to one of my friends in an instant message earlier, and I just kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. Right from one subject to another with no pause at all. I was sending large messages faster than he could read them, and he reads as fast as I do. I just kept getting worse, after a while I couldn't even stay sitting down, but now I've calmed down a lot. I'm still not tired though.

Pretty busy day today. Not really anything important, but I kept myself busy. I woke up at 10 am today, which is a little early for me, I've been trying to sleep less lately, that's why I've been using so much caffiene. I usually sleep at least 8 hours a night, sometimes 9 or more if I'm off work the next day. I usually go to sleep around 2:30 - 3:00 and then wake up at 11:00 or 11:30, but the last few days I've been going to sleep around 3:00 or 4:00 and getting up around 10:00. That's still more sleep than most people I know. Half the people I know get like 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night.

So anyway, I woke up early and got around early, instead of laying around watching tv like I usually do in the morning. I was out of the house by 11:30 today, I'm usually barely awake by that time. I went to Best Buy to be a geek and check out the computers and electronics. I ended up buying the "The White Stripes" album. It came with a DVD of some of their videos too, including that cool Lego "Fell in Love with a Girl" video. All for only $13.99. I also got a new Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) DVD. I already had the "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" episode, today I bought "The Crawling Hand." It's a really old one, like one of the first episodes. From 1989. I didn't even know MST3K was around that long ago. I first learned about it about 7 years ago I think. But we don't get Comedy Central or the Sci-Fi channel around here, so I've only seen a few episodes. Maybe 10 at the most. This episode was so old Dr. Forrester had a different assistant, Larry, instead of Frank. And Tom had a weird voice too. It was deeper than the voice he had in later episodes. Gyspy and Cambot looked different too. It wasn't very good, not that well made, or funny, except for when they were watchint the movie. That was still hilarious. They kept making hand jokes. Like when the guy first found this "dead" hand on the beach he put it in a sack and took it home, and Tom says, "Good thing he brought a handbag."

I'm also learning Unix now. I went to the bookstore and bought a book on how to use the Unix shell that Macs OS X is built on. Unix can be tough from what I hear, but I don't think I'll have much trouble with it. I like text-interfaces. I used to be really good at DOS. I was very mad when Microsoft phased out DOS. I used to have lots of fun making DOS Batch (.bat) files.

Found several good websites today too:
Tubcat That's the biggest fucking cat I've ever seen. And is that for real? Not the cat, but the text. Look at that horrible spelling! That's so bad I can't decide if the person really types like that, or if they did that on purpose.
Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues When you think of the trouble the Catholic Church has been getting in, some of these statues look really bad. Such as the Baseball one.
Squirrel Terrorizes Town Hilarious, in a cruel sort of way. I love squirrels.
The Explosive Demolition Photo Gallery Cool.