Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Ok, I haven't been writing much, sue me. Go ahead, sue me, it's not like you'll get anything, unless you like books.

I've been busy becoming a geek. Again. I used to be a computer geek, years ago. My junior and senior years at high school I took a Vo-Tech course in Computer Electronics. When I first went to college I was a computer major. I wanted to be a computer programmer, I took a class in C++, but I dropped out of college before I completed it. I took and passed a course in QBasic though, a language that isn't even used anymore, but for some reason it was still a required course. I soon became disillusioned with computers, though, and I didn't really care about them anymore, and I've been that way for two or three years now. I still like computers, and like using them, especially the internet, but I didn't care about how they worked anymore, and I didn't want a computer job anymore. But now the last couple of weeks I've been getting back into computers and programming again. I may take computer courses again if I ever go back to school, and try to get some kind of programming job. Call me weird, but that kind of career appeals to me. Sitting in a cubicle 12+ hours a day working for Microsoft or something. I've always wanted a job in a cubicle. The main thing I don't like about jobs like that is that they are very stressful and life sucking, and have very long hours. At some of them it's not uncommon to work more than 12 hours a day. But I want a cubicle job, surrounded by other geeks. One of my favorite books is "Microserfs." Even though it does dwell on the negative aspects of this line of work, this book, and Dilbert comics, are the main things that got me interested in this type of career.

I have become a geek again, and it feels good. I like being a geek. I like computers, and coding, and electronic gadgets.