Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

I got my ass kicked last night. Crystal, a new girl at work, and one of three Crystals we have working there now, kicked my ass. Not in a bad, "I hate you" way, but in something like an "I like you" way, I think. She's strong too, I asked her if she'd ever had some kind of fight training, but she said no, she just get's in fights a lot. She started out kinda playfully swatting me with things, but then she advanced to using her fists and hitting really hard. By the time the night was over, all she had to do was make a sudden movement and I'd flinch. I have bruises today, and knots in my arms where she kept punching me, and a bruise on my chest where she tried to pinch my fat man-breasts. She's one of the most hyper girls I've ever met. She sings and dances around the lobby, and jumps around, and talks constantly. It's kind of annoying, but cute at the same time. I was trying to sweep the lobby with the dust mop, and she started dancing around stepping on the dust mop, and then eventually just stood on it and made me pull her around the lobby. When I complained about the beatings she told me to quit being such a pansy and hit her back. I didn't hit her though. But once I grabbed her arms so she couldn't hit me, so she started trying to knee me in the crotch. She didn't though. Oh, and she bit me once too.

So I'm sore and bruised today, but it was fun. She can kick my ass anytime.