Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Not much to tell today. I've spent the last few days playing Kingdom Hearts and reading. I have now finished "Tale of the Body Thief," and "Memnoch the Devil," and have just started "The Vampire Armand." My reading has slowed a bit, I'm not reading much now, because I'm playing Kingdom Hearts and doing other stuff. I'm mainly only reading while on break at work now.

Here's something Alicia sent me in the email the other day. I don't get some of them. I can't figure out what movies a few of them are from.

The Top 16 Famous Quotes from Redneck Movies

16> "Luke, I am your father... and your uncle... and your first
and second cousin, your nephew..."

15> "We'll always have Wal-Mart."

14> "What does it feel like? Kind of like sticking your fingers
in warm chicken fried steak with gravy."

13> "You had me at 'Sooooey!'"

12> "Houston, we have a 'possum."

11> "You're trying to seduce me, aren't you, Uncle Ed?"

10> "I feel the need... the need for sheep."

9> "Are you CRYING? There's no crying in NASCAR!"

8> "Of all the trailer parks in Pine Cone County, she had to
pull her '68 Rambler into mine."

7> "I... see... Black people."

6> "Use the horse, Luke!"

5> "I ate his ribs... with some pinto beans and a shot o'
Jack Daniels."

4> "Hokey opera and ancient museums are no match for a good
tractor pull, kid."

3> "I know what you're thinking... did he fire six shots or
only five? Well, hell if I know! You KNOW I cain't count
no higher'n three since the chainsaw accident!"

2> "My daddy always said, 'Life is like a ten-dollar hooker --
you never know what you're gonna' get.'"

and the number 1 Famous Quote from a Redneck Movie...

1> "You want a tooth?! You can't HANDLE a tooth!!"