Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I've had a busy day today. Busy doing nothing, that is. I was off today so I went to the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Norman. Our town is so pathetic it doesn't even have one. We have a Wal-Mart, but it is very tiny, as Wal-Marts go. It doesn't have groceries or anything, like the supercenters do, it's just a regular, old, Wal-Mart. The kind they had back in the day. What day, I don't know. It's not even open 24 hours. Like everything else in this town, it closes by 9 pm. Most of the things in this town aren't even open that late. On Sunday most of the places in town are closed, the Wal-Mart closes at 5 or 6 pm. It used to be 5, but I think they changed it.

Anyway, I drove to Norman and went to the Supercenter and got some more Maruchan Noodle Cup Things. I'd been out for several days. I also bought a new video game, Kingdom Hearts, for the Playstation 2. This game is like a Disney/Final Fantasy crossover. It's made by Square, the Final Fantasy company, and it features new characters, plus characters from previous Final Fantasy games, and over 100 Disney characters. The game has different worlds, all of which are based on different Disney Animated Features, such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Tarzan, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since when is Nightmare Before Christmas a Disney movie? I had no idea. I'm not complaining though, I love that movie, and can't wait to play that stage.

And, yes, unfortunately, Winnie the Pooh and company are in the game also.

The game isn't as bad as it sounds. I, and most Final Fantasy and Square Soft video game fans were worried about this game. But it is actually very good, and very well done. The game benefits from the Disney voice acting. Most of the Disney characters are voiced by major actors, presumably whoever did their voice in the movie, I guess, when that's possible. The voice of the main character you play as is done by Haley Joel Osment. Other big name voice actors are Billy Zane, Mandy Moore, Lance Bass (as the voice of Sephiroth, no less. I wonder how that's gonna work out?), Sean Astin, Dan Castellaneta, James Woods, and about 30 others.

Your main group of people that you play as are the "Final Fantasy Type" character, Sora, and the Disney characters, Donald Duck, who is a wizard, and Goofy, who is a knight. In many of the stages you are joined by some character from the movie on which the stage is based, but they leave after a while.

The battle system and play style is different from most video games like this. Instead of the screen changing into a battle mode in which there is not that much movement, the enemies are right in the stage with you, you can fight them, run from them, jump over them, whatever. The battle system is more like that of the Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo 64. You can lock onto the enemies for better accuracy, but it also leaves you a little more open to attacks from any enemies that come up behind you while you are fighting. You do most of your fighting with the "Keyblade," a sword that looks like, you guessed it, a giant key. You can also use magic, including Summon spells. The summoms spells summon Disney characters, such as Dumbo, who sprays water from his trunk, and Bambi, who hops around leaving a trail of items to help you.

I played for about 4 hours, so I am not that far yet, but it looks to be pretty good.