Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I was off work yesterday and still didn't get to work on my website! I was downloading and installing stuff the entire day! And then some of the stuff didn't work. It pissed me off .

I went to CompUSA yesterday to look for some software. I hate driving up there, it's over 40 miles away, but it's the closest of something like only two stores in the entire state that sell Macs and Mac software. I was planning on buying some kind of graphics program, because all this computer came with was some stupid little program that barely does anything. I was wanting to get a pretty good program, maybe even one with 3D design capabilites. Graphic Design capabilites was one of the main reasons I decided to switch to Mac. But CompUSA only had a few programs, and almost all of them were upgrades only, so I couldn't use them. They only had two full programs, and they were ridiculously expensive. They had some Corel program that didn't look that great but still cost almost $600, and some other company's suite of programs for almost $1200. Those were the only choices. I guess I'm going to have to buy one online somewhere.

So instead of buying a graphics program, I bought the OS 10.2 upgrade, which was $129. I ended up spending almost $200 in all yesterday. So I went home and installed the upgrade and it took just over two hours to do it! I couldn't believe it took that long. Then after I got that installed there were all kinds of program updates from Mac I could download, and I spent the rest of the night downloading those, and then I downloaded the newest version of AOL. I was downloading programs until 2 in the morning, and I started at like 6 pm. And then after I got it downloaded, the new AOL version didn't even work for some reason.

OK, I'm gonna go work on my webpage now. The page might not expand as fast as I hoped, because I've got to learn how to code all over again. All I know is HTML, I just found out that hardly anyone uses HTML anymore, now I have to learn CSS and XHTML and DHTML. Should be fun. XHTML looks cool.

I'm a geek and proud.