Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Welcome to Hell...Please wait to be seated.

It was a pretty busy night at work tonight. There was a football game tonight, OU vs. Texas, and we are the first town past Norman, (where the game was) on the way back to Texas. So after the game we got pretty busy. There was some rain tonight, not enough, but some. This year has made me very angry, we haven't had a decent thunderstorm this Spring or Summer. I love rain, especially thunderstorms, the worse the storm, the better. But for some reason we haven't had any this year. This is Tornado alley, we are supposed to have horrible storms in the Spring! It got really dark, but basically all it did was a hard shower. In Norman, about 20 miles north, there was so much lightning they stopped the game for almost an hour. 51 minutes, I think they said. OU won, 68 to 0. We had the game on the radio at work, otherwise I wouldn't have known, because I hate football.

Last night at work a guy came through the drive-through, he looked like a giant, fat, dirty Leprechaun. He wasn't wearing Leprechaun clothes, but something about his face, red hair, and red goatee made me think of a Leprechaun.

This blog has already lasted longer than my previous one. I had one a year or so ago, but I only made two posts and never came back, and now the site I had it on no longer exists. Well, it exists, but it's no longer a blog service. Back when I had this other blog I'd never even heard of a blog. This site called itself an "online diary." I had never heard of a blog until a couple of months ago.

I just realized that there was no email link or anything anywhere on this page, so I added one over there on the left. If for some reason you feel the need to email me, go ahead. I may even write back, but don't get your hopes up. If you are an attractive, single female, in the central Oklahoma area, email me at once, and send pictures.