Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, September 16, 2002

Oklahoma sucks. No, I mean it. Oklahoma really is horrible. I live in a small town of something like 4000-5000 people. And what's really bad about that is that we are one of the bigger towns in the area, unless you go north, where there is Norman, and Oklahoma city. People from other towns come here for their shopping and things like that, because their towns are even worse. Lexington, the town that is right next to us doesn't even have any fast food chains or anything, that's how small it is. Most of the people from Lexington just live there, they do all their shopping and working and stuff like that here in Purcell.

Oklahoma is part of the bible belt, with a heavy religious influence. There's probably 15 churches in this town. I can look out my window and see three. How fucking pathetic is that? The main denominations in town are Baptist, Church of Christ, and Pentacostal and Pentacostal Holiness, in that order probably. Though most of the Baptists around here aren't Southern Baptist, most of them are so strict they aren't much better. They don't allow dancing or partying or anything like that. When my parents were kids there was, for a short time, a dance hall for the teenagers. The Baptists quickly shut it down, and now it's like a senior citizen center, where the old people go to have a good time, and dance.

Pentacostal Holiness are even stricter, but they don't force the whole town to be the way they think it should be, like the Baptists do. For those of you who don't know, Pentacostal Holiness are just like one step up from being Amish. They aren't supposed to watch TV or anything like that, the man have to always wear long sleeves and the women have to wear dresses and can't cut their hair, and crap like that. Most of the people around here now are just Pentacostal, which isn't quite as strict, or just relaxed Pentacostal Holiness. Most of them watch TV for example.

On top of all that, since there is such a religious influence, this is what's known as a "dry county." That means the beer is like three point instead of six, (or whatever it is, I don't drink beer) and all the liquor stores have to close at 9 pm. Basically it's really hard to get alcohol. There are no clubs around here, if you want to go to a club you have to drive to Oklahoma City, which is like 40 miles away. I think there are a couple of clubs in Norman, which is only 20 miles away, but they aren't very good. I don't go to clubs though, because I'm too shy, and I don't like to go to them alone, and I have no friends. But more on that some other time, that's not the point of this post.

Tattoos parlors are illegal in Oklahoma. To legally get a tattoo you have to drive to Texas, and a lot of people do. The Texas tattoo places even advertise on the radio here. So the tattoo parlors set up shop just inside the Texas state border.

You also can't get decent pornography in Oklahoma, you have to drive to Texas for that too. You can get the magazines here, but the movies are all "cable version." Basically an R-rated porno. Like what they show on Cinemax late at night. To get real porn you have to drive to Texas. So, like the tattoo parlors, there are several Adult Video shops on I-35 right after you enter Texas. One of them is right on the border, it's like 100 feet from the Red River, the border between Oklahoma and Texas. I'll admit, I've driven all the way to Texas solely to buy porn. I'm not the only one though, I know several guys that have done the same thing. It's a six hour drive there and back. Long way to go for porn.

New Subject:

it took me four hours to write the above because Alicia sent me a link for a cool site,, and I spent a long time there. It's a cool site with lots of hilarious flash movies. Another great site for Flash movies is Check out any movie by Niel Ciceraga, such as this one, Kung Fu Phil. Wow, that's a lot of links, and it's been years since I did any html coding, so I've forgotten most of it.

Well, I think that's about enough for now. I'm off today and there's a lot I was wanting to get done today, and I'm already behind because of Alicia. I'm going to to check into making an online store, like I've been meaning to for almost two years now. And then I'm going to brush up on my html and start coding a web site, since my old one has been defunct for a couple of years now. It's still there, but Geocities has gone through so many buyouts and other changes since that none of the links are referenced right anymore, and most of the links and pictures no longer work. The text is still there, but that's about it. There's a lot of text though. Lots of little tiny white text on a black background. I haven't updated it in three or four years. Here is my Website. Oy! All these links!

That is all, you may go now.