Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Ok, so, I think tonight's post will be a little different from last night's. A little calmer, not so offensive. Though being offensive is what it's all about. I'm not much in the mood for that tonight. I just got home from work and don't feel much like ranting right now. I had thought about making tonight's post "Where was God on September 11th," but I think I'll save that for another night. Perhaps tomorrow. I'm off tomorrow and I'll have more spare time to come up with something good.

My friend and coworker, Alicia got sent home from school to change her shirt today. She was wearing a t-shirt that said "Nsuck," instead of "Nsync," and someone complained that it "offended them." What the hell? This is high school, and the word "suck" offended someone? They talked like it was a student that complained, and not a teacher or something. Instead of going home and changing her shirt, though, she just wrote, "My shirt offended someone," on a piece of masking tape and stuck it over the words on her shirt and wore it like that the rest of the day. That was such a smartass thing to do, I'm proud of her. I told her I wish I had a shirt that said "My shirt offended someone," on it. She was a little pissed about the whole thing. She said she's going to start a riot at school tomorrow. I told her that if she does to call me, and I'll gladly help. I'd love to get involved in a free-speech riot at a school.

Byt the way, I'm not in high school with her. I'm 22, I graduated from high school in '98. I've dropped out of college twice since then. More on that some other time. Right now I'm pretty tired, and my eyes are bothering me. I have an eye problem that comes and goes. It's mainly eye strain from so much computer use. Anyway, I'm gonna end this now.