Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, September 30, 2002

The newpaper today is full of stories about something that I hate. Corporate Sponsorship. There's nothing wrong with that, usually. But what I hate is the way everything is named after corporations now.

A few weeks ago they changed the name of OU's football field. It's been Owen Field for years and years, I don't know if it's always been Owen Field, but it has been for as long as my mom can remember. Now it's called "The Gaylord Family Memorial Field," or some shit like that. Because the rich Gaylord family donated something like 12.5 million dollars to the school. (E.K. Gaylord was the founder of the Daily Oklahoman Newspaper.) A lot of people around here are mad about the name change, many of them refusing to even acknowledge it. Most of the local tv sports reporters are even still calling it Owen Field in their reports.

Also recently they built a new convention center/concert hall thing in Oklahoma City. It's called the Ford Center.

In today's newspaper there is a story about the State Fair which just ended Sunday. The picture that goes along with the picture is captioned, "With the Shell Space Tower in the background, the AT&T Wireless Services Monorail carries passengers Sunday on the final day of the Oklahoma State Fair." AT&T Wireless Services Monorail? That's outrageous.

There's another story in Today's paper about the new Capitol Dome. The Oklahoma State Capitol Building was the only state capitol building not to have a dome on it. Now they have just added a dome to it, amid much pomp and ceremony. The new story today is about how they are going to inscribe in six inch letters, the names of 13 corporate and private sponsors who helped pay for all this in a "ring of honor" on the inside rim of the dome so their names can be seen by all visitors to the capitol building. Names such as Phillips Petroleum Co., and General Motors.

I'm thinking they should start calling it the "capital" building.

The Fed-Ex Orange bowl, the Ford Center, The AT&T Wireless Services Monorail. Before long everything will be named after a corporate sponsor. Children will be tattooed with things like, "This Child brought to you by the good people at General Motors."

I fully agree with what was said in the movie "Fight Club." (Which is a great movie, by the way, one of my favorites.) "When deep-space exploration ramps up, it'll be the corporations that name everything. The IBM Stellarsphere, The Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks."

I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.