Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Alicia wanted me to write a post tonight about her breasts. She wanted me to obsess over them and stuff. But how can I write a post about them when I've never seen them? So, unless I get to examine them sometime soon, I'm not going to write about them. So there. NO POST FOR YOU! Holy crap.

God damn, this site is funny. Alicia sent me the link yesterday, and since then I've been on it every chance I get. It's got some funny as hell flash animations. I had to pry myself away from the site to come write this post.

Not much to tell, other than that. Work was annoying, kinda busy, but I still got off a little early. Alicia was upset tonight, she's having trouble in math. I wanted to help her, but I couldn't, math is my one bad subject, especially Algebra. She is in Algebra 2, I never even took that. I wanted to help her, it made me feel bad that I couldn't, she was really upset about it, and some other things as well. I could tell she felt really bad, but I was no help. I'm not any good at trying to make people feel better. I usually say the wrong thing and make it worse. I'm the king of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

I started reading "Interview with the Vampire" again last night, it's like the third time I've read it. I'm going to start the series over. So far, all I've read is "Interview," and "The Vampire Lestat." I've owned "Queen of the Damned" for a year or two, but I never read it. I met Anne Rice at book signing once. Except back then I'd never heard of her. I wish I had been a fan of her then, I would love to meet her now.

It's an interesting story. Somehow my friend, Chris, had conned my English teacher (this was 11th grade, I think) into letting us do this for a grade. Everyone in the class had to do a major project and two minor projects over the unit we were doing. I think that year the subject was "Fahrenheit 451," by Ray Bradbury. Or was this the year we were doing King Arthur? Anyway, Mrs. Brewer was a big Anne Rice fan, and Anne Rice was doing a book signing at a bookstore for her new book, "The Tale of the Body Thief." Damn, she writes fast, that was only like five years ago, and she's written a lot of books since then. She's like Stephen King or something. Chris had somehow worked it out so that if we went and bought the book, and got it signed, and gave it to Mrs. Brewer, she would count it as a project and give us an A for it.

So we went up there, and I was getting concerned. The name of the book was "The Tale of the Body Thief," and there were all these weirdos in the line, and then Anne Rice herself showed up in a coffin. I was started to get really worried, almost afraid. I was a different person then, I would love all that now. So we waited in the line, and got the book signed and left, and then on the way home we had a wreck. Luckily it was in Randy's parent's car, and no one was hurt, and none of us really liked Randy anyway, so we weren't concerned about the car. Actually the wreck was pretty fun. I was in the front seat and the guys in back kept hitting the lever to make my seat recline, and then they'd attack me while I was in this awkward position. Randy got distracted, and went like a couple of inches over the line of the right lane, and onto the shoulder. Just a couple of inches. And I was like, "Hey Randy, you might want to stay on the road." And he looks up and says, "Oh shit!" and just turns the wheel as hard as he can to the left, and we go into a spin. We spin down the highway at like 80, for half a mile, and finally hit a street light. It was kinda fun actually, spinning around like that while my seat was laying back. The streetlight fell over across the highway, and other people kept running over it. A car full of teenage girls hit it and it messed up their car, and they had to pull over, and they all started yelling at us and stuff. One of them called their father and he arrived and he was like a lawyer or something. Anyway the rest of us came out fine, no one was hurt, and the only one who had to be concerned about anything was Randy.

Ok, I'm gonna go back to